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2012Della Valle, N. - Babbucci, S. - Savin, E.EPB pressure control and volume loss resulting in tunnelling SofiaUNDERCITY Colloquium CroatiaEnglish
2012Salas, R. - Della Valle, N.Segmental lining thickness vs diameter(Unknown)English
2014Della Valle, N. - Bech, S.Prediction of induced settlements by conventional tunnelling in urban areaProceedings of the WTC 2014English
2014Della Valle, N. - Molina, M.Twin tunnels and asymmetrical settlement troughs in soft soilsProceedings of the WTC 2014English
2014Della Valle, N. - Salas, R. - Savin, E.Adoption of shear keys to provide stability to TBM tunnelsProceedings of the WTC 2014English
2017Della Valle, N. - Fuoco, S. - Brino, G.Detailed TBM boring cycle estimation using rock mass rating systemProceedings of the WTC 2017English
2017Della Valle, N. - García de Haro, P. - Sáenz de Santa María, I.TBM shield machines break-in and break-outInt. Tunnelling Symposium 2017 Istanbul (Turkey)English
2017Pinillos, L - Rubiralta, N.Launching structures for TBM tunnelling design and purposeProceedings of the WTC 2017English
2018García de Haro, P. - Della Valle, N.Uso de superconectores en la apertura de anillos de dovelas para la realización de galerías de conexión entre túnelesRevista Obras Públicas nº3601 Feb2018Spanish
2019Pescara, M. - Spanò, M. - Della Valle, N. et al.BBT Lot Mules 2–3. Management of data gained by the pilot tunnel drive for the twin main tubesProceedings of the WTC 2019English
2019Pescara, M. - Della Valle, N. et al.Northeast Boundary Tunnel. Applied lessons learned from the Anacostia River Tunnel Project, Washington (USA)Proceedings of the WTC 2019English
2019Rubiralta, N. et al.Logistic challenges for TBM operation during Sofia Metro Line 3 extensionProceedings of the WTC 2019English

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