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Devoll headrace tunnel from back-up train


Devoll Hydropower Project, located 60 km southeast of Tirana includes the 10.75 km long Moglicë headrace tunnel, where 6.5 km have been excavated by means of a Double Shield Tunnel Boring machine (TBM). The 5.4 inner diameter tunnel lined with a universal segmental ring shall withstand both external and internal pressure, with a careful consideration of the ground-backfilling and segment concrete interactions.

Tunnelconsult was in charge of the lining & backfilling structural final design, as well as for TBM double shield consultancy. 

Headrace tunnel TBM back-up (rear view)


The Rio Minas San Francisco HEP is located along the "Jubones" river at Azuay province, Ecuador. With 325 MW installed power and an average foreseen annual production 960 GWh will be an important supplier of the national grid. Extremely hard & abrasive igneous rock was encountered with unconfined compression strength in excess of 200 MPa, with very special requirements for TBM cutting wheels and tools.

Tunnelconsult consultancy works spanned from technical assistance on segmental lining design revision, TBM specifications and design, site Commissioning and Excavation follow-up

Kargi HPP tunnel entrance and TBM positioning


The Kargi project was developed by the Electricity Projects Research Administration (EİE) General Directorate for the purpose of utilizing the energy potential in the available head in the section of Kizilirmak between Osmancik town and Boyabat reservoir. Kargi Hydropower Plant is planned with an installation of 102 MW and an average production of 460 GWh/year. The project is located on the Kızılırmak River between the Obruk dam upstream of Osmancık and the downstream Boyabat dam, within the Northern Anatolian Fault System (NAFS), which is primarily responsible for earthquakes in Turkey. Main elements include a 11.7 km long headrace tunnel excavated with a 9.5 m e.d. DS TBM.

Tunnelconsult worked in the detailed design of the segmental lining (verification of both geometrical and structural), design of rock support classes, TBM launching pretunnel and starting structure, as well as improving tunnel alignment to make it compatible with the planned execution methodology and with the selected TBM characteristics. Also an onsite supervision to check design compliance and segmental lining manufacturing quality control.

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