Caltanissetta TBM craddle & pushing frame view


The Caltanissetta double bored road tunnel is one of the main works of the route Agrigento – Caltanissetta - A19 in Sicily. This new motorway connects Porto Empedocle to the Caltanissetta junction and aims to improve road connections to south Sicily by expanding the current regional road network. It has a circular section with an excavation diameter of approximately 15.08 m. Both tunnels are spaced between 35 and 80m and extend for about 4 km, a huge part of which below the city of Caltanisetta. Overburden ranges from 80 to 135 meters, except in the portals where is limited to a few tens of meters. Each tunnel has been designed to hold a 2-lane track.

Tunnelconsult participated both in tender and final design stages assessing on geological parameters for 3D modelling of face conditions, geometrical and structural design of tunnel portals, base slab and thrust frame, as well as the definition of TBM launching methodology and excavation parameters follow-up.

L9 tunnel with intermediate slab


The Metro Line 9 is the newest underground railway line that is being constructed in Barcelona, extending for about 27 km from the city of Badalona to El Prat airport. The 3rd lot from "Sagrera Meridiana" station to "Zona Universitària" station, includes 13 stations, 6 of which will link Line 9 to other existing metro and/or railway lines. The tunnel has been designed to hold 2 railtracks, spaced by an intermediate slab within. Segments have been reinforced with a mix of conventional reinforcement (rebars) and steel fibres that give outstanding performance due to strong thoughtless and durability. Face stability has been controlled in fractured and faulty conditions, as well as face losses and settlement minimization.

Tunnelconsult assessed the Project Manager in the construction follow-up, acting as Work Controller, checking monitoring design and supporting the Client & Engineers for decision making. 

Savona TBM back-up (rear view)


The new road called the "Variante SS1 Aurelia" in the Savona –Albisola Superiore section, fits in a broad context product to improve the whole transport system of Liguria Region, located in the Maritime Alp Mountains context. The road variant is configured, as a tangential axis to the city of Savona for a total of approximately 5.1 km. Three single-tube tunnels of aproximately 13.7 m of bored diameter have to be excavated, passing through ground formations of gneiss, granite, quartzite and amphibolites, making necessary the use of a Hard-Rock TBM to excavate them.

Tunnelconsult provided its expertise and operation assistance on-site for the analysis of TBM excavation parameters and sensitive tunnel sections in order to improve excavation performance, thus making technical considerations for TBM modifications and defining a new method statement for TBM excavation which includes measures for rock mass response.

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