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CS018 cross-section of connection pipe-jacking tunnel


“Anacostia River Tunnel (ART) Project” forms part of “DC Water’s Clean Rivers Program” planned to reduce combined sewer overflows into the District of Columbia’s waterways – the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers and Rock Creek. The Project consists in a huge infrastructure net and support program designed to collect and clean water during heavy rainfalls before it ever reaches the captioned rivers. Pipe-jacking tunnel for connecting main tunnel (ART tunnel) and drop shaft CSO-018. This connection is formed by a 300ft (91.44m) long tunnel driven in very stiff clay using pressurized face method. Groundwater pressure range is 2.5-3.0bar.

Tunnelconsult works in the detailed design of the MTBM requirements with respect to forecast ground conditions, the slurry treatment plant review, revision of jacking force to check adequacy and possibility of pipe breaking and revision of work plan.

TAP alignment map and cross-section


The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is a proposed pipeline in the Southern Gas Corridor that will bring gas from new sources in the Caspian region to Western and South Eastern Europe. The 871 km pipeline will connect to existing gas networks, starting from Greece and crossing Albania and the Adriatic Sea to come ashore in southern Italy, allowing gas to flow directly from the Caspian basin into European markets. The Italian landfall in the municipality of Melendugno (LE) will be executed by microtunnelling technique, in order to minimize the landscape and environmental impact on the coast. The 36” steel pipe will be pulled in the tunnel and, in the final configuration, the tunnel will be flooded with water.

Tunnelconsult assess the feasibility study focused on geological context, MTBM technical characteristics, final lining alternatives and buoyancy check, and designed the segmental lining and its connection to jacking pipes. 

Jacking cylinders pushing pipes (top view from shaft)


Within the framework of the World Bank program for flood risk management support project for the City of Buenos Aires (CABA), the CABA is current 8.4 km length in order to fight amongst recurrent flooding that has a negative impact on local livelihoods and city budget. The project includes also the construction of approximately 9.8 km of secondary & tertiary drainage networks in Vega basin. About 2.4 km are being excavated with pipe-jacking technology. Three launching shafts and four receiving shafts have been prepared for jacking purposes. Both pipe-jacking tunnels and shafts run on Pampeano formation mainly consisting in stiff clay.

Tunnelconsult carry out the construction site supervision within the Vega JV, reviewing and approving Contractor's Detailed Design.

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